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Mechanic is the third full length solo album from Danish artist Mirland (Am Tierpark, Holm/Mirland) and the first to be released by Raumklang Music Records.

The ten-track album is a bass heavy journey into dark ambient and industrial techno and represents a refined yet darker and harder sound compared to Mirland’s earlier and very well received albums - Submerge and Sleep Disorder.

Mechanic takes off with the dark and brooding ambient soundscapes of Nebula once again showing Mirland’s love for science fiction and space exploration and continues to evolve around deep bass, hard beats, noise, drones, arpeggios and is in parts almost club friendly (Elite, Mongrel).

Mechanic is conceived as an album first and foremost.

Titles like Dominance, God Object and Skull Splitter point in a conceptual direction like a ten-chapter audio based story about man, space and the darkness surrounding him where only glimpses of light force their way in the shape of massive beats and basslines. Mirland deals with space in the sense of not only what surrounds planet earth - but also the inner space and the space between humans.

The title track Mechanic featuring John R. Mirland’s Am Tierpark-partner Leaether Strip’s Claus Larsen (who also mastered the album) is the album’s only vocal based track - a first ever on a Mirland album - and present an illbient/triphop sound evolving around a piano with Larsens spoken word performance demanding focus.

Mechanic is a further step towards a more industrial sounding Mirland focused on the power of the individual sounds. The album can be minimal in it’s approach with only a distorted drum and a bass (Skullsplitter) while other parts such as Puppet present a more complex sound with a singular hihat signifying the beat on top of heavily manipulated noise and arpeggios.

Mechanic has been the most difficult work for Mirland so far - every track started out as an improvisation in his studio using modular synths and the compositional approach has been far more akin to painting abstract than traditional composing.

The track Elite is accompanied by an art house music video directed by adult actress and director Ingrid Mouth.

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  • 03/2017
  • 52:17
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  • raum-cd-29
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  • Raumklang Music
  • Claus Larsen
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01. Nebula
02. Blind
03. Dominance
04. Mechanic
05. God Object
06. Skullsplitter
07. Puppet
08. Elite
09. Red Giant
10. Mongrel



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