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Climat De Libertè

Sans-fin’s third album on Raumklang Music "Climat de Libertè" is a scream that should shake up. The world in the stranglehold of money and politics. Freedom .... we are free. Are we? Or it just seems like that. Are we free or are we only in the belief that it is so. Are we like birds in the cage?

Musically reclaimed anger. Beautiful melodic soundscapes, hypnotic rhytms. Sans-fin takes you on a journey and shows you the world of "Climat de libertè". Dive in and let yourself drift. Sans-fin remains faithful. A symbiosis of harmonies and rhythms.

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  • Sans-fin
  • 04/2018
  • 65:16
  • cd/digital
  • raum-cd-37
  • ---
  • Raumklang Music
  • M. Richter
  • D. Geiger
  • D. Geiger

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packaged in a high quality digipack including CD + Digital download in your choice of format.


01. À Nouveau
02. Appareil de rèception Midi
03. Besoin D`affection (extended mix)
04. Construction Modulaire
05. Cadencer son Pas
06. Autrement dit
07. Rèconciliation
08. Avancement
09. Prometteur
10. Appareil de réception Midi (The Empath Remix)

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