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The Globe

WaterMelonDead is a new collaborative project of Anatoly Grinberg (aka Tokee) and Eugene Arzamastsev (aka Jackarza). The Globe is their first strike.

Driving rhythms and melodies, dancing patterns, addictive melodies, combined with clever placed vocals.

These keywords describe the album "The Globe" 100% right. Charged energy that breaks out of the speakers and hits you hard. From minute number one you dive into the globe. Definitely an album where you press on repeat. A huge booom. And that is just the beginning

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  • WaterMelonDead
  • 12/2016
  • 37:32
  • digital
  • raum-net-65
  • Raumklang Music
  • A. Grinberg
  • M. Shabunov
  • M. Shabunov

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digital, unlimited


01. Tropic Of Capricorn
02. Tropic Of Cancer
03. Prime Meridian
04. Antartica Circle
05. Equator (Feat. Mastaman)
06. Arctic Circle (Feat. Hellen Rubinshtein)
07. Prazdnik (2-d Sort)
08. Mi Po Koleno (Edit)

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