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Purple Face Of Chaos

x3d5 is an industrial music project from Volgograd (Russia). His first three albums have been published on the St. Petersburg based label "subwise". With "Purple Face Of Chaos", Vitaly Stromchinsky is presenting us his fourth album.

The mood of "Purple Face Of Chaos" is wonderfully conveyed by the songs from dark to curious. Sometimes hard rhythms pumping out of the speakers ,as often and good as, beautiful sound carpets with glitched beats. Wonderfully chosen Voice Samples tells a proper Story. A dark story! “Purple Face Of Chaos” is intelligent produced Industrial music.

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  • x3d5
  • 11/2011
  • 52:17
  • Digital
  • raum-net-17
  • Raumklang Music
  • Vitaly Stromchinsky
  • Vitaly Stromchinsky
  • Vitaly Stromchinsky

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indierockmag.com [11/2011]

La semaine s’annonce d’ailleurs chargée du côté de Raumklang puisqu’on pourra également y découvrir dès lundi le quatrième opus du Russe Vitaly Stromchinsky aka x3d5, dont les deux premiers albums sortis en 2010 se téléchargent librement du côté de Subwiseet, netlabel de Saint-Pétersbourg aussi jeune que prolifique. Quant au troisième daté de mars dernier, Rustle Of Infinite Silence,il s’écoute via Soundcloud et vous donnera un bon aperçu du genre de compositions post-industrielles, aussi malaisantes qu’abyssales, qui vous attendent sur Purple Face Of Chaos à en juger par les quatre titres aux atmosphères délétères offerts ci-dessous

adnoiseam.net [12/2011]

Beats are dark and bass are heavy in this Raumklang album from Russia's x3d5. Bathing in industrial atmospheres and full of gritty distortion, this album features quite a lot of breaks and surprises, reminding at time of a darkened, industrialized version of some early Warp releases. On the other hand, 4/4 tempo are still dominant, as demonstrated with a remix of an Orphx track. This might not be the most dancefloor friendly album of its kind, but there's enough effort put in the compositions to satisfy fans of interestingly done rhythmic noise.


1. x3d5 - Xibalbá
2. x3d5 - Fatal Level Of Blood
3. x3d5 - Last Year's Murder Of Lie
4. x3d5 - Nitrid
5. x3d5 - In A Belly (Omaggio Ad William S. Burroughs)
6. x3d5 - Diagonalic Forms
7. Orphx - Surface (x3d5 Adaptation)
8. x3d5 - Vintage Landscapes
9. x3d5 - Itzamna

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