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Cybernetic Misanthropy

The second album of Acnode is presented in a new appearance - the concept of the project is totally processed and based on cybernetics implantation in society life.

The motto - improvement of a flesh and blood of poets, composers, artists by electronics, the cybernetics application in areas of human activity which were, remain and, of course, remain destiny of creativity, identity, originality.

The machines don't replace the personality, but any kind of the human activity which regularity can express in certain algorithms, can be executed by machine in principle. So a Cybernetics to you in the help!

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  • Lenght
  • Available Formats
  • Cat. num (physical)
  • Cat. num (digital)
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  • Acnode
  • 11/2012
  • 39:43
  • Digital
  • raum-net-25
  • Raumklang Music
  • Tim Ballista
  • Acnode
  • Acnode

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01. Cybernetic Misanthropy

02. Digital Algorithm

03. Stabilizer

04. Positioning System

05. Tracking Sensor

06. Descrete Signal

07. Hardware Switch

08. Processing Block

09. Converter

10. Unit 13

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