We're proud to present you our newest member of the Raumklang Music family. It's the young and very talented musician "r.roo" from the Ukraine. He released also albums at Abstract Reflections. r.roo will release his new album called "Broken Time" at Raumklang Music in 2011. So stay tuned for it!
Raumklang Music is pleased to announce the upcoming releases of Exosphere's new album "Where Nobody Goes" and Grauraum's new album "Shades". So stay tuned and have a look at our homepage or at our facebook page.
New items of Tympanik Audio and Signifier are in the Raumklang Music shop and ready to order! Go to Tympanik releases Go to Signifier ...
The great IDM album "For The Stranded" from "Hotaru Bay" is now available as download too. For all of you who prefer the digital version. The album is reduced during the "Electronic Music Partnership For Japan" up to april 16th. 50% of the proceeds go to the International Red Cross
Another great review of ar.Muta's album "Sebilacotha" is done from the italien mag "Sounds Behind The Corner" Go to review
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