At the 6th of December we will release the new album from the russian artist "arMuta". SEBILACOTHA will guide you through the regular perception into the gap of the infinity. the rhythm fades into the depth, and, with it's surd beat on the other side of liquid-reality, as it were on the visible water surface, it generates complicated acoustic patterns. The album never loses its tension. It is a hike ...
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Raumklang Music welcomes his newest talent to the family. It's the russian DJane and composer Jana Dark aka. Darkrad. A perfect mix of great and sick electronic music. Somewhere between Industrial and Rhytm 'n' Noise. Her debut album is slated for release at the end of 2010 / early 2011. Artist profile:
Hello together, Raumklang Music is in holiday till 1st of september. We will not answer to mails or any other requests in this time. So see ya soon.
Klangstabil’s Song "Windkraft" was first published in 2006 on the compilation "Schmerzakustik”. After many requests we have decided release the song as single. Haunting melodies and frisky beats, give this song's gloomy atmosphere. "Klangstabil" pulls the strings again and captivates the listener to the speakers. A must for every fan of concrete, intelligent electronic music. BUY ...
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