here is the link to the new Grauraum video "Underneath It All" "Grauraum - Underneath It All" on youtube
Started in 1997 as a hobby, BRAZDA LUI NOVAC is now Romanian musician Victor Popescu's fully blossomed electronic project. Having spent his childhood in a district called Brazda Lui Novac (tr. the furrow of Novac), Victor found it fitting to give the same name to what he musically creates as an adult. Entailed in a unheard-of genre fusion, BRAZDA LUI NOVAC's sound stretches from unheard synth textures to collages of ...
Two new, great reviews are done for our new release "Grauraum - Shades". Check them out on our release page for shades Go to reviews
The french mag "Chroniques Electroniques" wrote a brilliant review about "Grauraum - Shades". They give it 8 from 10 possible points.
We welcome the new great project "Alteranima" at Raumklang Music!! Alteranima is Elda Di Matteo, a musician, graphic designer, writer and dj based in Italy. After many years of classical training, she discovered electronic music, she fell in love with idm, liquid sounds and broken glitchy distorted rhythms. She started her music project at the beginning of 2000 together with Orbix D from colony Collapse Disorder.
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