- new release: Huron - The Other Side Of Reality

Huron is a Berlin based musician of electronic music. Influenced by the music of bands like Depeche Mode, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze or styles of EBM/Industrial Music, Acid and Detroit-tech¥ he recorded his first mixtapes and later in the age of 17 years he constructed his first own tracks of electronic music (industrial, techno, ambient). Since the year 1990 till year 2005 he worked as a DJ under different alias at many different places and clubs.

Around 1998 his music style developed more and more to idm and electronica and the new alias Huron was born. His first own album came out on crazy language. A net-label he found with a good friend (axiom) to publish experimental, electronica and idm stuff. In the last years he released many tracks on different label-compilations from labels like miga, crl studios, trachanik, solanic org, wounds of the earth, sektion27, raumklang music and crazy language and he remixed tracks from se, atmogat, dnn, datacrashrobot, zeno and xzicd.

Today he is working only in the idm/glitch/electronica, ambient and darkstep sector under his alias huron. His sound is characterized by glitchy and destructive beat-structures, crispy percussions and dark emotional/melancholic pads. Mostly a journey into the abyss of soul and a picture between a uncertainly dark future and hopeful morninglight.

With "The Other Side Of Reality", he surely hit the top of idm perfectionism. Strong and dark melodies paired with massive, glitched beats who makes you nod your head and take the trip in Huron's outaspace.



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