- news!! new year, new music and new blood...

today we are happy to announce a new member in the raumklang team. alexander dietz (erode, chemical burn studios, heaven shall burn) decided to join the raumklang music team after working and finishing some musical and private projects between dirk geiger and him. within the last 1,5 years we found out that we have similar opinions and visions about music and from now on we wanna share our passion for electronic music, our ideas and our experience to bring the finest electronic music to the raumklang family and to help artists around the world to be heared.

to celebrate the new team up we want to say a big thank you for the many orders, your loyalty, your feedbacks and of course for the awesome music.

we took a part of the earnings to support an animal shelter and have been there yesterday with a car full of food for cats, dogs, rabitts, turtles and all the other animals that live there and wait for a new home. you raumklang music customers made this possible and we want to say THANK YOU!

last but not least, there is amazing stuff coming up for you in 2k13:

- [basementgrrr]

- Alteranima

- Huron

- Aynth

- Aphelion

stay tuned !


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