- New Release: Various Artists Snowflakes III

For the third time Raumklang Music publishes their Christmas-Compilation "Snowflakes". It's a free release but of course you can name your price and give whatever you want to give to support this hard working record label.

This year is the musical range of the album very broad and includes a list of incredible artists. The range includes IDM, ambient and industrial. 20 tracks with more than 100 minutes of playing time are waiting for you.

Special thanks goes to Alexander Dietz, Chemical Burn Studios for this fantastic mastering!!


01. Makson - Tomorrow
02. Phasenmensch - Ruhelose Stille
03. Huron - Look Arround
04. The Empath - The Making Of Snowflakes
05. [basementgrrr] - Room 173
05. Mind Divided - Footsteps In Fresh Snow
06. Midimode - Mother
07. Pandora's Black Book - Recoil
08. Flint Glass - Deep Phylogeny (Extended Snowflakes Version)
09. Aynth - Noela
10. Alexander Marco Project - Nordnacht
11.A Bleeding Star - On November's Triptych Nyxfold...My Fought Stoned Sorrow Became A Hot Manic Cold
12. Frl. Linientreu - Tritonium
13. Bnaja - The Impacts Of A Brain Injury
14. Syntech - Sedna (Club Edit)
15. Wieloryb - Jingle Bells
16. Kraftmaschine - Confession Homicide
17. Tatlum - Type
18. Darkrad - It Was Hot
19. Needle Sharing - Dreck The Halls (Bonus Track)


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