- New Releases of Pandora's Black Book and Reform-1

We are proud to present you the two new album releases of "Pandora's Black Book" & "Reform-1"

Pandora's Black Book - Divergent (CD/Digital)

'Divergent' is the fourth full length release from James Church's downtempo side project, Pandora's Black Book. After the blurring of lines and genres in the creation of Tympanik Audio's 'Black Brothel' themed release, 'Divergent' observes James Church further distinguishing and defining his alter ego's musical niche. 'Divergent' focuses less on complex percussion and more on sonic soundscapes of lush pads and soaring melodies. James attempts to create audio spaces that flow like winter rivers below layers of cold ice. At one moment crisp and chilling and the next, organic and soothing. This release attempts to clearly separate James' Lucidstatic percussive mayhem from the harmony focused Pandora's Black Book. This release will be a must hear for fans of Millipede, Erode, Astral Projections and listeners of downtempo/ambient IDM.

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Reform-1 - My Computer (Digital)

My computer is a world within the world, a cyberpunk ride hallucination the very representation of every byte of data in electronic sound and sonic motion.

Alternative frequencies used for mind control, hard drive apparatus used for implanted circuitry, decompose and genetic alteration, mind invasion, brain - computer interfaces, mainframes, artificial intelligence, neurochemistry - techniques that are radically redefining the nature of humanity, the nature of self. All these themes are the main elements that define Reformís 1 first release.

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