- New Releases: "Exosphere - Where Nobody Goes" & "Cycler - Polymath"

Today we proudly present u two new, outstanding IDM releases. Exosphere's "Where Nobody Goes" and Cyler's "Polymath"

Cycler - Polymath (Digital, raum-net-22)
A Polymath is a person whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas. In music, Cycler connected the term with a trip through various perspectives of sound. It seems that something is very familiar to your ears, yet everything is new. There's chaos and structure, chill and energy. The tracks progression leads the listener into a state of high musical meditation. It relaxes you by providing just a glimpse of explosive hidden energy. It's like having the force of Obi-Wan Kenobi but not feeling any urge to use it. Everything is chill. And cyclic.


Exosphere - Where Nobody Goes (CD/Digital, raum-cd-09/raum-net-22)
Exosphere are two electronic music composers who was born in Sweden and Switzerland. They studied science at the University of Gothenburg and this is where they met. Astronomy enthusiasts, avid followers of observatories, they started the project Exosphere 2009 when they were exiled to Antarctica. Located on an experimental student including continental drift. Interested in all the strange sounds and gauzy, experimental or recalling their melodious atmosphere that reigns in these cold hostile country. "Where Nobody Goes" is a fabulous IDM album. Sound carpets and deep atmospheres, combined with clicks and cuts, beautiful effects, sounds and clever arranged beats takes the listener on a journey into their world.


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