- Brazda Lui Novac - Dizzy

Brazda Lui Novac - Dizzy

Released from Raumklang Music at october 20th. Big release party in Bukarest (Romania) with 3 live acts and DJs. Tons of specials will wait for you. Come to the launch party of

Brazda lui Novac's second album, Dizzy. Thursday, October 20, 2011, starting at 21, at The Silver Church Club.

Brazda lui Novac's new album "Dizzy" has 12 compositions, plus a remix of the song "Streets" by Subheim and a remix of the awesome Access To Arasaka. The album will be released on Raumklang Music label (www.raumklang-music.de).

Dirk Geiger, the German artist known among lovers of IDM / glitch / ambient will also play as a special guest, plus another 2 artists from Romania: Luntaire and Matze.


21:00 - 22:00 - Luntaire (Kahvi Records)
22:00 - 23:00 - Dirk Geiger (Raumklang Music Tympanik Audio)
23:00 - 24:00 - Brazda lui Novac (Raumklang Music, Sound Square Records)
24:00 - 02:00 - DJ Matze set

What did Brazda lui Novac want to accomplish with "Dizzy"? "I think it's an important step, also a mirror of what happened in my life lately."
In the future, Brazda lui Novac would like his music reach the ears of as many people as possible: "I would like to leave somehow the underground area where I am now to expand beyond the underground scene, but without making any compromise in music" .
Brazda lui Novac produces pure electronic music, synthesized, "but with a huge human contribution. You can listen to my music just for ambience, but if you pay attention to the details, you will discover beautiful sounds that may be unnoticed in the <> mode."

Brazda lui Novac

Brazda lui Novac is Victor Popescu, who named the project after the neighbourhood he grew up in, from Craiova, Romania. In 1997, when he got his first PC, he started creating music. He liked it so much that he gave up his main passion, architecture. Firstly he worked in several studios in Bucharest, and later he opened his own studio. In 2010 he released his first album "Brazda lui Novac".

Dirk Geiger
Dirk Geiger was born in 1975 in Tübingen Germany. Even in his younger years he was involved in music. At the age of 15, Dirk took up DJing and within a few years began to produce his own music and formed the band Kraftmaschine which he still takes an active part in today. In 2002, he formed the music label Raumklang Music, releasing works from such artists as Hotaru Bay, Klangstabil, Defekt, Schwarzer Engel, and his own debut album ‘Dondukov 15‘. For the past few years Dirk Geiger has been working on a self titled solo project in which he mainly produces music that could fall into the genres of IDM, Glitch, and Ambient.

Luntaire began his musical journey in 2006 under the alias of Omul de Tinichea, having released an EP on PatPong Records andperforming in Romania, Moldova or Ukraine.
Since then his musical styles and influences were in a constant evolution, his sound began to get better as he describes his music as a good mixture between his childhood memories and all the experience that he gained when trying to describe them.


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