- Alteranima signed into the Raumklang Music family

We welcome the new great project "Alteranima" at Raumklang Music!!

Alteranima is Elda Di Matteo, a musician, graphic designer, writer and dj based in Italy. After many years of classical training, she discovered electronic music, she fell in love with idm, liquid sounds and broken glitchy distorted rhythms. She started her music project at the beginning of 2000 together with Orbix D from colony Collapse Disorder.
Then she decided to move to Germany, where she could finally get in touch with the real electronic culture. There she had the chance to collaborate with This Morn' Omina (one track on "Les Passages Jumeaux : Le 25iËme DegrÈ ~ Le 33iËme DegrÈ / Au Del‡ De Tous Les DegrÈs") and Talvekoidik ("Silent Reflections"), she spinned at some of the most important venues and festivals together with the Globalnoisemovement crew. She attended a large amount of gigs and festivals, writing lots of reviews and live reports for :Ritual: magazine.

Back to Italy she collaborated with Typhoid ("Simulazione Di Divinit‡") and completed the first cd "Stereograms", what will be released from Raumklang Music in 2011.

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