- new release: Aleph - Coiled

Raumklang Music and Audiotrauma team up for the release of the Aleph debut album: Behind this moniker you find no one else but Berlin-based producer Armando Alibrandi, well-known as Supersimmetria with two recent, very well-received albums on HANDS in his portfolio. As Supersimmetria he’s focused on a very distinct, dominantly rhythmic sound, so in 2015 he felt the need to have an outlet for his more freeform musical ideas. The idea of just going with the flow of inspiration is like returning to the root source of thoughts as such, and Aleph, the first letter of the Phoenician alphabet, is a perfect symbol for that quest.

The concept of “Coiled” is the spiral of life, the recurring stages, and the according emotions which are interpreted in the 13 tracks of this album. The openness of the concept, and the involvement of collaborators make for an eclectic sound, and yet the album follows a red line. Strongly melodic and defying categorization, the listener will encounter an engaging mixture of acoustic key sounds, ritual atmospheres, gentle rhythms and unusual vocal performances. Together with soprano singer Takushi Minagawa (also a Berlin resident) Alibrandi has produced a triplet of string-heavy pieces with classical allusions, while other tracks oscillate between a definitely electronic sound (“Dalet”, “Matrice” and intense psychedelia (“Materia”), while the bonus remix by Raumklang artist Aphexia adds some trademark abrasiveness.

While avoiding any kind of aggression, “Coiled” is surely not easy listening; it demands attention and care – and promises great reward with its flawless, detailed production.


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