- Raumklang Music's free catalog sampler "Snowflakes" now availlable

Raumklang Music’s 2010 catalog sampler is ready, featuring some
of the very best electronic musicians. Including Klangstabil, LPF12,
Tapage, Nanoptiq. Lucidstatic, Svart1, A Bleeding Star,Dirk Geiger,
Keef Baker, Access To Arasaka, Hotaru Bay, Midimode, ar.Muta,
Anklebiter, Frl. Linientreu, Autoclav 1.1.

It’s a free release, cause we wanna say thank you to the members
the Raumklang Music family, our friends and our fans. Thanks for
supporting us during the last eight years. Let’s rock together 2011.


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