For the third time Raumklang Music publishes their Christmas-Compilation "Snowflakes". It's a free release but of course you can name your price and give whatever you want to give to support this hard working record label. This year is the musical range of the album very broad and includes a list of incredible artists. The range includes IDM, ambient and industrial. 20 tracks with more than 100 minutes of ...
so...2012 is nearly finished. It was a very sucesfull year for us and we want to thank all our friends, supporters, partners and custumers for making all that happend. Wishing you and your families merry x-mas and a happy new year!!
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Raumklang Music welcomes Acnode for the release of his new album "Cybernetic Misanthropy". Dark, dreamy cyber idm. Glitched, broken beats, deep and entrancing atmospheres brings fresh wind into the genre. The motto - improvement of a flesh and blood of poets, composers, artists by electronics, the cybernetics application in areas of human activity which were, remain and, of course, remain destiny of creativity, ...
Our strictly limited "Fuck Mainstream" shirts are nearly sold out in an amazing short time. Just some shirts are left. Order your shirt now!! order "Fuck Mainstream" apparel (men)
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