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Rugaroo is a young musician from Kyiv, Ukraine – a country in Eastern Europe. Eight years of musical classes made him totally devoted to piano melodies and ignited a desire to show this beauty to all the hearing ones. In his early teens he was in a local symphony-metal band, where he improved his playing skills and also he was also sampling by that time. Later on, he started his first solo project “Lie Collectors” – a reflection of his own thoughts about the world and the human’s place in it. This project is aimed more to live shows although there’s one album released with this project.

As Rugaroo‘s interest in electronic music kept growing he couldn’t escape from the reality that he needed a new project so in May 2010 he started producing IDM/Ambient with his friend Sitreus under the name of “Sound Wave Pressure” where he takes part in writing melodies and sampling drums. This project is quite popular in Ukraine and there are many parties & places where they do live-performances.

In Fall of 2010, the r.roo project started to breathe as it was about time for Rugaroo to experiment with new sounds within this very deep atmospheric world of IDM. His first album was released on Subwise netlabel. In winter 2011, he presented his second full-album “into a cloud” on Abstrakt Reflections.