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LPF12 is a solo-project by Sascha Lemon. It started in 1993 and released a bunch of tapes til 1995 on various Labels.

In 1995 he decided to take a break from producing. Due to personal circumstances the break took 14 years … But LPF12 always remained in his head. In 2009 he decided to restart the project and began working on a comeback-album. A few months later he re-released the tape “Enhance” on soundcloud for free download. Shortly after that he put the brandnew “Vicious Circle EP” online as well, featuring remixes by MC1R and REIZSTROM. “Vicious Circle” and "Break My Core" also appeared on the “Total Confused”- and “Total Devastation”-online-compilations by german Industrial Noise Records.

In winter 2009/2010 LPF12 remixed “Reflections” by german VIRTUAL VICTIM and REIZSTROMs “Tackle”. More remixes include MIND.AREA, APPARENT SYMMETRY, FURTHEST FROM THE COLD, DELIVERED SOUL, HEADDREAMER and DIVERJE. He also did some guest-vox for german MC1R and IN A MINDSET. More contributions are planned for 2011 and beyond.

His first album since the break is called “Inhibition Level”. The album offers 9 original tracks plus remixes by IN A MINDSET, MISSRATENER SOHN, DECI?HER and MC1R. Shortly after that LPF12 released “The White Room EP” including new tracks and remixes and contributions by DECI?HER, c0ma, APPARENT SYMMETRY, AMICTRIC and MIKTEK. Both records have been released by Abstrakt Reflections.

In late 2010 LPF12 decided to sign to german label Ionium Records and released the “Sub Route EP”, followed by another album called “Individual Suffering” incl. remixes and contributions by IN A MINDSET, APPARENT SYMMETRY, IMPURFEKT, EDRIVER 69, ERISSOMA, CELLAR DOOR, HEART OF THORNS and FURTHEST FROM THE COLD.

An exclusive track called "Ambiguous Act" appears on the "Hypercommunity"-CD-compilation by Aliens Production Label.
LPF12 also appeared on the "Snowflakes"-compilation by german label Raumklang Music with his track "In A Place Where Fear Resides".
He will also participate on the "Waste Lands"-CD-compilation by Sheevra Records and on the Japan Relief Compilation "Music For The Rising Sun", both coming in 2011.

Recent remixes have been produced for IMPURFEKT, ISH, GRAURAUM and ESOTERIC SOB.

LPF12 and dISHARMONY teamed up for a collabo-song called "bruised and broken", to be released in 2011 on the first signifier-CD-compilation.

Also finished is TRANSGRESSOR, a collabo-album with Spanish glitch/IDM-artist ERISSOMA, released for free on April 5 2011 via Ionium Records.

LPF12 also released a full-length-album called GUIDING PRINCIPLES, concentrating on Drone, Dark Ambient, Industrial. Out on August 5 2011 via his Bandcamp-page.

LPF12's album A SENSE OF LOSS was released on Aug 26 2011 as download via Ionium Records. This was followed by a free download remix-album called RECONSTRUCTING A SENSE OF LOSS out on Dec 02 2011 and a brand new studio-album called WHITEOUT out on Jan 31, 2012.

In April 2012 LPF12 released the album CIRCULAR COLLAPSE. Another full-length called WHITEOUT² is finished, released in August 2012.

His latest album FULFILLED EMPTINESS was released on OCT12, 2012 via www.lpf12.bandcamp.com, followed by the FAHRENHEIT EP on DEC 08, 2012.

On DEC 30, 2012, LPF12 released the final part of the WHITEOUT-trilogy, WHITEOUT [III], followed by SUBLIMINAL BEASTS on Jan 03, 2013.

On March 08, 2013 he released the album LIGHT/YEARS, followed by THE CONTINENT OF ABANDONED PLACES on March 28 and SANCTUARY on May 06.

On May 26, 2013, LPF12 relelased the highly anticipated successor of the most popular LPF12-album to date - "Circular Collapse" -: SIGNALS FROM THE SEASON OF DUST.

At the moment LPF12 is finishing his 21st release since his comeback, the Album RISING THROUGH BARRICADES, to be released in 2013 on Crime League.

After 3 EPS (MEMORIES OF A BROKEN PAST, ... AND THE LIGHT WE LEFT BEHIND and CRYO he is now working on his next ambient full length COVER THE SKY WITH VELLUM AND STONE, set for release in 2014.


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