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Mind.Divided is the alter ego of Paul Verschooten, a Belgium based experimental electronics artist. Although Mind.Divided was founded in June 2012, Paul started experimenting with producing somewhere around 2001. His love for experimental electronics grew mainly from listening to early releases on labels like Ant-Zen and Cold Meat Industry.

A few years later, the ambient music from the MMO EVE Online inspired him to start working on ambient music of his own. Mixed with influences from genres like techno, DnB and even classical, Mind.Divided presents itself in extremes. The softer, melancholic IDM and ambient, with lush and airy pads, evolving drones, classical interludes and gritty beats. And the harsher, cold rhythmic noise with monotone rhythms consisting of relentlessly pounding bassdrums and dark haunting drones.
Both parts represent aspects in life, exposing the duality of a singular mind. Mind.Divided takes you through the inner workings of the realm between being awake and being comatose, where every sparkling ember of reality is a blurred spectre disolving in a flash of light. Visions of an unseen world translated in distorted beats, crunchy breaks, and thrilling synths.

Raumklang Music will publish Mind.Divided's full length album "Fragments" very soon.

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