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My Computer

Mein Computer ist eine Welt innerhalb der Welt, eine Cyberpunk-Fahrt. Halluzination in jedem Byte an Daten in elektronischem Sound und klanglicher Bewegung.

Alternative Frequenzen für Gedankenkontrolle verwendet, Festplatten-Vorrichtungen die für implantierte Schaltungen verwendet werden, zersetzen sich in genetischer Veränderung, Geist Invasion, Gehirn - Computer-Schnittstellen, Mainframes, künstliche Intelligenz, Neurochemie - Techniken, die radikal neu definiert werden, das Wesen der Menschheit und die Natur Selbst. All diese Themen sind die wichtigsten Elemente, um Reform-1's ein erstes Release zu definieren.


adnoiseam.net [07/2012]

Besides the fact that Reform-1 is a one man project from Romania, I don't know anything about this musician or his past. Let's go and assume that "My Computer" is his debut, which fits very well with the rest of Dirk Geiger's Raumklang's roster and its taste for relatively meditative, slightly industrial electronica. Here again, we get slow, syncopated beats, long samples and contemplative melodies. Truth be told, the production still shows that Reform-1 isn't the most experimented musician, but there are some interesting elements in the lot, and it will be interesting to follow this act and see what he comes up with next.

nothingbuthopeandpassion.com [07/2012]

Electronic music artist REFORM 1 released his debut album My Computer via DIRK GEIGER‘s label Raumklang Music – a label on which GEIGER releases ambient / glitch / IDM tunes. The album, My Computer, builds a world within a world. It is a cyberpunk ride hallucination and the very representation of every byte of date in electronic sound and sonic motion.

Alternative frequencies used for mind control, hard drive apparatus used for implanted cicuitry and genetic alteration, mind invasion, brain-computer intervaces, mainframes, artificial intelligence, neurochemistry-techniques that are radically redefining the nature of humanity and even the nature of self. These are the themes that are the main elements which definte REFORM 1‘s first release.
As you might think it is a very in-depth and critical album. Critique that is justified in a wold only few seem to use their head for thinking about the future and about where we all want to be in a few years. So My Computer is no album to calm down or running away from reality, it is one that confronts you with problems. You own problems as well as problems of our societies, our politics – problems that came up through the acting of humanity. And that’s what we’re here for, right? Facing problems. Thinking about the future. And take action. We surely don’t live to destroy what was created over millions of years. We live to make the future what we would like it to be. So let’s start. REFORM 1 put all the ideas from his mind and pushed them further out into soundforms by his dark companion: The Computer.

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  • Reform-1
  • 07/2012
  • 38:27
  • Digital
  • raum-net-23
  • Raumklang Music
  • Ciprian Rosu
  • Piotr Wyskok
  • Piotr Wyskok

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Digital, unlimitiert


1. ALT. Frequencies
2. hard drive
3. Decompose
4. connection ñ online
5. remove
6. into the mainframe
7. Requiem for dead pixels
8. war stories
9. end

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